Audrey Peddie

audery_001Audrey was born and grew up on a Scottish hill farm.  In between looking after the cattle and hens, Audrey says there was a tradition of crafting, often born out of need to make and mend.  In those days, with no Internet and shops a day trip away, recycling was just a way of life, reusing everything and fixing anything that was broken.

Audrey is a proficient knitter and seamstress, and she has taught herself card making and papercraft.  She is currently keen on patchwork and quilting as well as making Christmas decorations and cards ready for the coming festive season.

audery_002Audrey sells a few of her items by word of mouth but gives most of her craft projects to the church or to charity.  As long as she makes enough to buy new materials, she is happy!  She has given classes locally, showing people how to do iris paper folding, as well as some old techniques for making ropes and cords.
Some of her items are on sale here in our products section, including the soft toys shown in the pictures here.  If you want to contact Audrey about her products, contact us here and we will pass on your email to her.